Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Game, Set, Match

With tennis fever in full swing this week at the Australian Open who have you set your sights on winning? Temperatures have been soaring both on and off the court for spectators and players alike. A common interest generates a discussion and before you know it you are chatting with the supporters around you or whilst standing in line for drinks.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to start dating again after a separation where do you start?
It could be at a large social event such as the Australian Open or the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix? But if that’s not your scene then what are your options? 

Having been away from the dating scene for some time it can be difficult for some to know what to do. The nightclubs you used to go to have closed down or if not, those attending are now 20 years your junior. You have children and a job so finding the time and money to go out is difficult and where do you go? Having the confidence to go out alone and to instigate conversation can be overwhelming for some. Friends may now have their own families and aren’t able to join you on your quest for a new partner.

63% of single Australians are now turning to online dating which provides you with the security of meeting interesting like minded people from the safety of your own home. There are many dating websites now and not one size fits all. Some sites are intended for casual romance while other are geared towards serious relationships. A dating sites ability to best match you with a compatible partner relies on you sharing information. Of course, the more open and honest you are in your profile the more likely you are to find Mr or Mrs Right!

So how will you meet your next match?  

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