Monday, 5 February 2018

Can we Collaborate from afar?

We spend our days connecting, working and surfing online be it in the office, on our phone or at home. In today’s globally connected world, if you’re separating and have both considered the idea of Collaborative Practice, to sitting around a table with your lawyers to work things out, how important is it that the table is actually there?

Can you virtually conduct the meeting via Skype or Facetime and do they really work? The answer is yes, of course they can so long as you all have the right mindset to make it work.

Collaborative lawyers are predisposed to thinking differently. They have invested significantly in training to gain the specialist skills needed to help you work things out in this way, and they’re committed to helping you make it work. The ability to think outside the box means that collaborative lawyers are ideally placed to embrace new ways of helping you achieve the outcome that’s best for you and your family.

With the right tools, high speed internet, video conferencing and file sharing such as Dropbox and Google drive the sharing of information online is instantaneous.  There’s no doubt that online conversations surrounding a divorce won’t be for everyone but, for people who are committed to the process and don’t want to let distance get in the way of a constructive approach to separation, it’s reassuring to know the support is there to help you make it work.