Friday, 30 October 2015

Let the children be heard!

This blog is a follow on from my previous blog about the voice of children in a family law process.

Sometimes (maybe all the time!) children express things so much better than adults, especially when parents are separating and divorcing.

The following is a poem written by a child whose parents were separating.

Inside of me

My mum and my Dad
are inside who I am.
They are part of me,
wherever I go.
When they divorced,
they hated each other,
And that was like they
hated me.
When they hurt each
other, they hurt me.
When Mum didn’t
want me to see Dad,
She wasn’t seeing me.

When Dad didn’t want
Me to love Mum,
he wasn’t loving me.
Now that stopped,
and they get on OK,
So I can be who I am,
with my Mum and
my Dad inside me.

Rachel, 11 years old

We should never forget how separation effects children. As a family lawyer I used to think that my job was to apply family law. The law is only a small part of the work that we do. Our work as collaborative professionals is to achieve peaceful resolution – to help parents to help their children.

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