Thursday, 4 May 2017

Mother's Day

How will you be celebrating Mother’s day this year? 

Many families celebrate Mother’s Day by showing their appreciation for the achievements and efforts of their mothers and mother figures. Some mums get breakfast in bed, some flowers and chocolates, some mums simply seek peace and quiet.

Families are ever evolving and come in all shapes and sizes in today’s society. For separated families Mother’s Day can be a day as complicated as birthdays and Christmas requiring months of preparation and planning. 

It is helpful to plan ahead and to try and reach an agreement as to who the children should spend time with on important days of the year such as Mother’s Day. This avoids confrontation, anxiety and stress in the lead up to the occasion. It is important to remember during negotiations that it is not what is convenient to you that is important but what is in your child’s best interests.

At Bayside Collaborative we offer a range of ways to resolve issues between you and your spouse or partner. We will help you reach an agreement and formulate a parenting plan which will reduce conflict and acrimony between you. This in turn leads to better relationships and outcomes for all the family.

Don’t forget this year Mother’s day falls on the 14th May 2017.

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