Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Time

Easter is a time of celebration, forgiveness and moving forward. Whilst children are looking forward to chocolate Easter eggs school holidays can be especially difficult where parents have separated as there may be issues in relation to the children and the time they spend with each parent. Family breakdown is never easy but by agreeing holiday arrangements in advance the potential for conflict is minimized and both parents and children can move forward with the children's best interests in mind.

Lines can often blur in the emotion with both parents believing they are acting in their children's best interests. It can sometimes turn into a competition between parents as to who the children are spending the most time with and the children themselves become lost in the discussions.

Where possible negotiations as to holiday arrangements should be between parents and not in the presence of the children. It is important children do not feel a sense of guilt in relation to the time they spend with their parents, they want to be having fun.  If face to face discussions are not possible then consider other means to plan arrangements such as an email, phone call, friend or family member assisting.

The children themselves may have commitments during the holiday period such as birthday parties, play dates or sporting activities, they too need to be factored into the arrangements as important social events for the children. Think about who is going to take the children to the events and whether there are overlapping commitments where one parent may need the assistance of the other parent.

If you have separated from your partner and are experiencing difficulties in relation to arrangements for your children then contact us at Bayside Collaborative. With our professional assistance we can help separating couples work together collaboratively to achieve a solution that works for you all as a family and one which is child focused. 

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